A Local Who Cares

Karen is a committed Penrith local who raised her four children locally and understands the pressures and struggles our community is facing. Karen knows that a quality education and healthcare system must come first to give our children the best start in life. Karen will never forget what is important to her community.

A Local Who Listens

She has seen first-hand how Stuart Ayres and the NSW Liberals’ wrong priorities have hurt our community. Karen has opposed Ayres’ policies of cutting essential services, reintroducing the M4 toll and wasting $2.2 billion on rebuilding stadiums. Karen stands with her community against Stuart Ayres’ hurtful policies.

Karen Is On Our Side

Karen will stand with the community against Stuart Ayres’ cuts and will fight to:

  • Invest in Schools and Hospitals instead of splurging on Stadiums
  • Bring back the M4 cashback, lifting the burden on local motorists
  • Ease the cost of living by putting downward pressure on energy prices
  • Work with local businesses and government to create more local jobs
  • Fight overdevelopment and protect our environment

Contact Us

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PO Box 386 Emu Plains NSW 2750